Buinho Education will help your school to apply to a Erasmus+ KA1 grant as well as the new accreditation procedure for the School Sector.

In this section we provide more information regarding the Erasmus+ program, the application procedure, relevant information regarding the fees and enrollment, as well as further support regarding our courses. In the Register now you can find the enrollment forms to each of our courses.

 After confirming the approval of your Erasmus+ KA1 grant application you are required to make the enrollment in the courses of your preference and according to the dates available.

We can provide a brief tutorial with tips and guidelines to support your school in preparing your project.​

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This section is for enrolling in one of the courses. Please proceed to the form when you want to confirm your presence in Buinho courses.

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Build your 3D Printer

Build your Robot

Toy hacking

School Makerspaces

Citizen Sensing

Trash robotics

WARNING: You cannot book flights and hotels before we confirm the course. The confirmation follows after we have the minimum number of registrations. You should book flexible flight tickets. As a course provider, Buinho is responsible for the fee, not for any other component of mobility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See each course page on this website (see menu Courses), to access the defined teacher training programme with the course contents and learning objectives.

Buinho’s courses have a cost of 80 euros per day, which is the amount defined by the Erasmus programme for the teacher courses as a unit cost per day in the programme guide.

The price paid by each course includes the training materials that you need to learn during our practical workshops.

We do not request the schools that participate in our courses to pay any extra costs taken from their Erasmus funding, such as the organizational support to cover our administrative costs of organizing the training courses and provided materials.

All our courses are designed from our experience from past and present national and international projects. As a participant you are also contributing to their dissemination and widen their real impact amongst the school system.

Buinho Associação OID is E10089636, and our PIC is 932637929

We offer the courses that you see in the planning. See here. If a session is getting full, we can organise extra sessions of a course. Additional sessions will be published on this website then.



The Erasmus+ programme covers all the costs associated with the training of teachers.

For each participant the school/organisation receives:

  • Travel costs based on lump sum related to the distance from home to the course venue (distance calculator).
  • Daily allowances for accommodation and subsistence based on the country where the course takes place.
  • Provides support to a maximum of 80 euros per day for the courses.
  • Provides organisational cost of 100 euros per teacher to the school.

Key Action 1 provides opportunities for individuals to improve their skills, enhance their employability and gain cultural awareness. Schools can apply for staff mobility funding to support the professional development of teachers, school leaders and other school education staff. A school or national mobility consortium can apply once per selection round.

Schools can apply for funding to support any of the following mobility activities offered by Buinho:

  • Structured courses or training events abroad: supports the professional development of teachers, school leaders or other educational staff;
  • Job shadowing: provides an opportunity for teachers, school leaders or other school staff to spend a period of time abroad in a partner school or another relevant organisation active in the field of school education.

Our organisation provides structured courses and job shadowing programmes based on our experience as school educators who run a fablab directed to education practices. We also coordinate an _Erasmus school consortium of regional public schools. We we will be glad to provide you with assistance in your KA1 Erasmus+ application.


Fee / Billing

Our courses have different durations according to the addressed topic and learning objectives.
Most have a total duration of 5 days, including cultural activities and visits. We don´t charge extra fees nor we take a percentage of the organizational support fees. All our courses can be 100% funded by the Erasmus+ programme, as each day has a unit cost fee of 80€ per participant.


1. Course fee

The courses have a fixed price according to the number of days of the course programme. For example , for a  a 5 days course, the school will be billed a total of 400€ per participant teacher totally supported by the Erasmus+ grant.

To be paid by yourself from the KA1 grant:

  1. Travel costs. The grant received by your school by the Erasmus Program includes a budget for travel costs. The amount is calculated based on the distance that you need to travel from your home place to the course. Click here for access to the distance calculator used to calculate the Erasmus+ support.
  2. Accommodation and meals (Individual support in the grant). The Erasmus+ grant will also provide a per diem support to cover the costs with accommodation, transportation, and meals. Each National Agency will define – on the basis of objective and transparent criteria – the amounts applicable to projects submitted in their country

Buinho Education is not liable for any expenses caused by a case of force majeure. If flights are cancelled for any reason, Buinho will not be responsible for the financial or other consequences concerning travel, accommodation or food. If unable to attend, the registered person may substitute someone else from the same organization or attend another date by sending a notification to

We don’t have a cancellation fee, but if cancellation requests with a full reimbursement of the fees should be made by writing us an email and within 2 months before the start of the course program period. After that period the course is confirmed to all enrolled and the equipment is acquired for the activities.

Acquiring travel and health insurance are obligatory and at one’s own responsibility.

We advise all E.U. participants to bring with them their European Union Citizen Health Card.


2. Billing procedure

  1. Two months prior to the start of each course, Buinho Education will confirm the course and send the receipts by mail to each participant. In the enrolment form make sure to add the legal information of your school that will be used to prepare the invoices and receipts.
  2. The bill will be sent to the contact person of the school. The billing address will be the school address. The name mentioned on the bill will be the name of the participant. If the same school sends more than one participant to the same course and for the same dates, the school will receive all the individual receipts as they will be prepared individually with the name of each teacher/participant.
  3. The bills can be paid by the individual teachers or bills can be paid by the school. The reference number of the bill(s) should be mentioned when paying
  4. The use of reference number(s) when paying is a necessity. If a school pays the bills of all teachers, all reference numbers should be mentioned.
  5. For schools outside the eurozone. Please take in consideration that costs of the transaction of international payments are to be supported by the schools. If your school/institution has a VAT number and you want to have it on the bill, please send it to us.

If your school/institution has a VAT number and you want to have it on the bill, please send it to us.