Cultural Program

Path 3

Cultural program - Cascais

Just 25 km away from Lisbon lies the Portuguese Côte D’Azur – Cascais. This charming gem unfolds amidst its stunning beaches, cosmopolitan center, and opulent palaces showcasing extravagant architecture.

In the past, Cascais served as the favored summer retreat for Portuguese royal families, and its striking architecture is a testament to Portugal’s monarchist history.

Cascais has been a wellspring of inspiration for writers, poets, and painters alike. Its radiant and vibrant streets draw in numerous foreign visitors who are quick to praise the quality of its cuisine and cultural vibrancy.

A must see is the Museum district, with a heterogeneous choice of heritage, architecture, and of course Art collections.



Our cultural program includes a visit to Paula Rego Museum, the lighthouse of Santa Marta, the museum Condes de Castro Guimarães, and the a special visit to Europe’s most Western point, the true Finisterra, located in Cabo da Roca. . The historical centre of Cascais is also vibrant with little artisan shops,  and traditional Portuguese caffes and restaurants.

– Visit to Cabo da Roca

– Visit to Santa Marta Lighthouse

– Visit to Cabo da Roca

– Visit to Cascais Museum District

– Lunch with traditional cuisine