Cultural Program

Path 3

Cultural program - Sintra

Note: Sintra is the cultural destination for the following courses – “Build your 3D Printer“, “Build your Robot“, “Toy Hacking“, and “Trash Robotics“, all of which given in Lisbon

Sintra, the Moon Mount, is one of those places full of magic and mystery where nature and man have combined in such a perfect symbiosis that UNESCO classified it as World Heritage. Sintra is a town of exotic gardens and lush parks with paths between hundred-year-old trees. Sintra has inspired writers, poets, and painters. Its mountains collide with the Atlantic Ocean unveiling picturesque fishing villages, such as the Azenhas do Mar and vineyards that grow in its valleys. The cloudy, fresh weather with a mist in the air makes this place well-known for its pagan mysticism since millennia. 

Our cultural program includes a visit to the fantastically decorated romantic palaces, where small lakes with ruins in the middle of nature are certainly inspiring for contemplating moments. The historical centre of Sintra is vibrant with little artisan shops, museums and traditional Portuguese caffes with local made pastries – the travesseiros and queijadas de Sintra.


We will have the opportunity to visit museums, palaces and enjoy a lovely tour by horses chariot. The most romantic destination of Europe at your disposal, with all the historical information that provides the context will make this a memorable experience.

– Visit to the moorish Castle

– Visit to the National Palace

– Visit to the Handcraft Museum

– Visit to Montserrat Palace

– Lunch with traditional cuisine

Path 3

Cultural program - Vila Nova de Mil Fontes and Atlantic Coast

Note: Vila Nova de Mil Fontes and the charm of the Atlantic Coast is the cultural destination for the following courses – “Makerspaces in School Education“, and “Citizen Sensing“, all of which are given in Messejana

We offer our participants a full-day cultural experience in the coastal town of Vila Nova de Milfontes and immersion in the protected natural heritage of the Alentejo Atlantic landscape, seafood, and handcrafts traditions. Buinho designed a cultural programme in the Vicentine Coast that aims to meet the experience of local making and coastal life in southern Alentejo.  

Alentejo is known especially for its food and wine as an agricultural, but also fishing region, where the gastronomical traditions of Alentejo have a special place amongst the other flavours found in Portugal. 

Vila Nova de Milfontes is located on the north bank of the mouth of the Mira River in the Alentejo Region. It is inserted in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Vicentine Coast.

Considered one of the best natural ports on the south coast of the country, the primitive occupation of this stretch of coast dates to the Iron Age, and there was a necropolis of Phoenician and Carthaginian origin.

The fishing village of Milfontes is in between the river Mira and the Atlantic Ocean having vibrant streets of colourful houses. In the spring and summer, it is streets gain more commercial movement with restaurants and little handcrafts shops. Milfontes is one of the best hotspots for surfing and beach vacations in Portugal.

Participants will also have the opportunity to visit Azenha do Mar, a neighbouring village, where they will meet the local community – mainly the fishermen who love to show their place and the harbour. Participants will learn about hand-build fishing tools and equipment, before enjoying an art installation with sounds collected in the fishery. For refreshments, the group will taste local fruits and wine before heading back to Messejana.

– Visit to Vila Nova de Mil Fontes
– Visit the fishermen village of Azenha do Mar
– Experience the best of the Atlantic Ocean Coastline
– Shopping experience
– Lunch with the best seafood of the region

Path 3


Buinho started in a small rural village called Messejana before expanding to Carcavelos Lisbon.  We still are the only fablab in the region of South Alentejo and from Messejana we work to more than 20 schools around us.

To celebrate our origins the Erasmus courses “Makerspaces in School Education” and “Citizen Sensing” are only provided in Messejana in Buinho’s headquarters.

In Messejana you will be able to understand the full lenght of our educational projects, working in different laboratories, develop jobshadowing activities in some of the schools we work with, or experience unique activities in the only Precious Plastic Recycling center of Alentejo

For the participants taking these two courses – “Makerspaces in School Education” and “Citizen Sensing” – will also provide educational and cultural activities in different spaces within Messejana. Besides our fablab and accommodation spaces, Buinho also runs one makerspace in the elementary school, and a playlab in the local kindergarten. 

We are responsible for a Precious Plastic workshop, unique in Alentejo, where we recycle plastic and produce design objects.
During the period of the course we organize open studios with our artists in residency, exhibitions, art workshops, performances, and talks.

We also have prepared group dinners with local musicians to provide a little more enchantment about the immaterial heritage of Alentejo. A unique opportunity for a very personal experience in Cante Alentejano (UNESCO immaterial heritage), while experiencing the local gastromy.